Lessons from Jupe, Cancer Causes Can Relapse Once Declared Recovered


Lessons from Jupe, Cancer Causes Can Relapse Once Declared Recovered

June 2015, Julia Perez alias Jupe had announced he was cured of cervical cancer. But a year went by, the owner’s real name Yulia Rachmawati is again announced the cancer that gnawing it has entered the stage 4.Jupe was eventually died after struggling against the disease. But according to a practitioner of healthy living, there are many lessons learned from ‘Mamita’ related to his struggle and persistence in fighting malignant and lethal diseases tersebut.Dalam cancer treatment, doctors generally do not use the term ‘recover’ but remission. This means that even though the patient has been physically healed, he still has to control and especially have to lead a healthy life. At any time, cancer cells can return to attack or ‘relaps’ if there are originators.

"Patients who experience relapse after a remission will then be called that the cancer is recurring," said Dr. dr Ari Fahrial Syam, SpPD-KGEH from Cipto Mangunkusumo.Coach also: Rise Down Condition Jupe Exemplified by Dr. Ari, a patient with colorectal cancer found in stage 1-2 and then get treatment, can survive in the top 5 years by applying a healthy lifestyle. This is called ‘5 years survival rate’ in cancer treatment. In contrast, various factors can cause the cancer to relapse within 1-2 years after treatment. It could be because of a lifestyle that does not turn out to be healthy enough, or due to other factors such as exposure to carcinogens or cancer triggers from the environment. Cervical cancer as experienced Jupe caused by HPV infection (HUman Papilloma Virus) Also read: Infographics: Causes of Cervical Cancer, Recognize Agar Can be Prevented On the other hand, Dr. Ari admitted touched by Jupe’s high life spirit during treatment. Reflected from the uploads in Instagram account, Jupe also always get positive support from artist friends and close family who accompany

This is a positive side that other patients can follow in order to remain optimistic and keep the spirit and should not be protracted in grief when he was sentenced to cancer even when the cancer was sentenced to stage 4, "" said Dr. Ari, who is a health consultant gastrointestinal tract. dr Ari, what experienced Jupe to the end of his life could be a valuable lesson related to prevention efforts, especially in cervical cancer. Also about the spirit of life even though his condition is already so severe. Hope dr Ari to the deceased Jupe, may husnul khotimah.Jupe had ‘recovered’ in 2015, but then experienced relapse (Infographics: detikHOT) Also Read: What Are The Characteristics Of Cervical Cancer Like Jupe Experienced?

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