Tips to Use Make Up After Acne ‘Breaks’ To Avoid Irritation

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Tips to Use Make Up After Acne ‘Breaks’ To Avoid Irritation

Squeezing acne is never recommended. But sometimes we are often tempted to do it especially when acne is ‘ripe’. So what if you have to go out and apply makeup shortly after squeezing pimples? Should not directly wear makeup but take care of skin areas that are problematic so as not to cause scars and acne more.Dermatologist Annie Chiu also gave his advice. He actually suggested that acne is not touched much less squashed so as not to appear marks and bacteria do not spread. But if it is already, immediately do ‘first aid’ in the next few minutes.

Dr. Annie recommends that you take a cotton bud or a clean towel soaked in warm water to compress pimples. It is important to stop bleeding and absorb sebum. Then clean the area of ‚Äč‚Äčacne scars with warm water and mild face soap. If you have time, use a paste of crushed aspirin and water then compress (on the acne) to reduce inflammation quickly to help dry out, says Dr. Annie to Style Caster.

In order for the recovered part of the acne maximum, also apply eye medicine to reduce the appearance of redness and allows you to cover it with foundation or concealer. If necessary, you can also apply a painkiller cream such as Neosporin with a tissue when the area is sore. Next put on powder to lock the cream. Then look for brush makeup with a pointed tip and concealer convealer waterproof right on the part (the acne). Mix with your index finger and end with a touch of powder to lock, says makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci.

Unfortunately the problem sometimes does not end there. When wearing makeup, faces often become more oily. Makeup you can be smudged and the acne can be irritated and cause other acne. According to Ashleigh, you also need to bring makeup remover, cotton bud, concealer, and powder to touch up if makeup fades. After coming home from traveling, do not forget to clean the face with the maximum. If necessary, treat the acne with patch or cream for acne. (ami / hst)