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At Good Finance family, we offer car loans without having to show any documentation or provide security. Online loans have a reputation for containing hidden costs and fees. This is not the case with us. We offer you to borrow up to DKK 15,000, in the form of a credit. Here, there is a fixed monthly interest rate of 15%, regardless of the size of the loan. See http://www.bestgoodonline.com/payday-loan-consolidation-in-texas-how-to-consolidate-payday-loans-with-us/ for the scoop

Using our loan calculator below, you can also see exactly what you are paying for. We can also offer you the first 30 loan days interest-free and fee-free. However, this only applies the first time you borrow money from the Good Finance family. Check out our Trustpilot and see what other happy customers write about us.

  • Borrowed DKK 15,000 free for 30 days
  • No fees
  • No foundation costs
  • Quick and easy online application



With us you can get a car loan with our credit easily and quickly. You can complete our application in one minute and get your car loan shortly after. At Good Finance family, you decide what you want to use your loan for. If you want a car with more room for the family or lease your dream car, then there is free play when you choose a car loan with us. For example, if you choose to lease your car, you can use our credit and even get a personal customer profile on the Good Finance family. With your profile, you can get information and adjust your car loan if, for example, you have to pay extra fees in your lease.

So with our car loan, you get extra room in your account so you can finance your unexpected expenses. And with our car loan, you only pay a fixed monthly interest rate. If you take out a car loan with us, we can also offer you a flexible installment. For example, if you have a period with a bit of air in the economy, you may just have to pay interest and wait to pay off your loan. When you get a boost in the economy again, you can choose to repay your entire car loan if you wish. So you have complete control over how you pay off your car loan. If you are in an unfortunate situation where you cannot repay the loan, we will find a solution together. Read more about borrowing for consumption here:

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To take out a car loan with us, we have some requirements that must be met. Our requirements, on the other hand, are not that hard to meet, but they are nevertheless set up to protect you as a borrower. At Good Finance family we make the following demands:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • You must have a Danish CPR number
  • You must have a Danish address
  • You must have a Good Finance ID
  • You must have an email address
  • You must have a Danish telephone number
  • You must have a Danish bank account
  • You are rated by the Good Finance family



If you are looking for a car loan, simply complete our short application process, which only takes one minute. So you don’t have to find your papers or talk to us about what to do for security. You avoid the hassle and can apply for a car loan over the internet, whether you are on the road or sitting at home. In our application process, we will walk you through these five steps:

Your amount On our front page, you can choose to use our quick loans or credit. Then simply select the amount you need. Our loan calculator shows you the costs that include your car loan. Costs are adjusted depending on how much you borrow.

Your information When you have finished selecting your amount, simply tap the application. We then need some information about you so that we can finalize your application and make a credit assessment of you. Among other things, we need your CPR number, your monthly payment and your bank account.

Finish with Good Finance ID Once you have filled in our requested information, simply confirm with your Good Finance ID. Based on the information given, we will do a credit assessment where we will assess whether you meet our requirements. If you have been approved, you will receive your car loan shortly after.

Choose your debit card Once you have completed your application with Good Finance ID, you will need to register your desired debit card. Your debit card is the card you use to pay the interest on car loans. With our flexible installment, you control how you pay off your car loan.

Wait for approval Once you have entered your debit card, simply wait for approval answers. You will receive a call from our customer service department who will notify you if you have been approved for your loan. If you have not been approved, it may be because you are registered in the public register or at this time we are unable to offer you a car loan due to your current financial situation.

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