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$ 150,000 in prizes for the acceleration of the national deployment of hotels

TARRYTOWN, NY, November 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire –Nightfood Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: NGTF), the healthier snacks company tackling the $ 50 billion Americans spend on nighttime snacks each year, has won the 2021 Real California Milk Excelerator program. As the champion, Nightfood won the first prize of $ 150,000 to invest in marketing support for the launch of a new line of ice cream sandwiches in the hotel.

As a pioneer in the nighttime snack category, Nightfood recently completed a successful pilot program with a leading global hotel chain slated to bring Nightfood ice cream pints to hotel lobby stores across the country soon. . Management expects other hotel chains to follow suit and has set a target of 7,500 hotel locations by the summer. Large-scale hotel distribution is expected to exponentially increase revenues, support and accelerate distribution in supermarkets, and advance consumer adoption of the late-night snack category.

In a 2019 industry study, the world leader in consumer insight, JD Power, identified a major opportunity for hotels to win over their customers by offering innovative solutions to promote better sleep. They state: “Quality of sleep is one of the most important elements of a hotel’s guest experience with the potential to generate overall satisfaction and brand loyalty, but the majority of hotels do not offer better sleeping conditions than expected. ”

The opportunity and responsibility for optimizing customers’ sleep goes beyond comfort and calm, in which the industry has invested billions; it now also includes nutrition. Nightfood believes that after launching its first major partnership, the hospitality industry will quickly move towards providing sleep-appropriate nighttime snack options for its guests.

“Targeting hotels as a channel is a brilliant strategy,” said Bob Carroll, vice president of business development for the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB), who created the competition. “Hotel distribution would offer a paid consumer trial and brand awareness of Nightfood, supporting the business in several ways beyond revenue growth.”

Industry sources say the number of US hotels selling ice cream in their freezers totals around 20,000 and continues to grow. The Nightfood ice cream sandwich is created to be distributed in the hotel space, with a possible introduction in the supermarket afterwards.

“We are delighted and thank CMAB for recognizing Nightfood today,” commented Sean Folkson, CEO of Nightfood. “We are thrilled with the opportunity to partner with CMAB and use these funds to establish both single serve novelties and 16 ounce pints in hotel freezers. Our goal is to help ensure that the many hotel guests who choose to snack at night are always able to get their best nights sleep.

Data from industry leader in take-out, Impulsify, reveals that the top ten best-selling ice creams in hotels are either single-serve novelties or single-serve cups. These items would represent over 70% of hotel ice cream unit sales. Pints, due to their higher retail price, are said to account for nearly 50% of all dollar sales in the category.

The Impulsify 2021 Hotel Retail Guide, Take and go!, reported, “Ice cream ranked in top 3 performing categories with novelties exceeding cups and pints” and indicates that hotel guests are consuming ice cream “in record numbers.”

Nightfood wowed a jury of experts from all stars across the GPC, retail, venture capital and food science industries, featuring: Russell Barnett, Managing Director / CMO of My / Mochi Ice Cream, Donna Berry, Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Dose of Dairy, Heather Boyd, Managing Director, RTD at Beam Suntory, Chad Coester, Senior Vice President of Private Label at Albertsons Companies, Julia Bello, Director, Local Producer Loan Program at Whole Foods, John Talbot, CEO of the California Milk Advisory Board, and Adriano Torres, Senior Director Global Marketing, Dairy & Plant-Based Beverages at Coca-Cola, and Josh Zonneveld, Chairman of the California Milk Advisory Board.

With help from CMAB, the company is working to secure California-based copacker production capacity for ice cream sandwiches. Production would begin when the Company secures a hotel distribution commitment for the ice cream sandwiches.

Nightfood: A pioneer in the nighttime snack category

More than 80% of Americans snack regularly at night, which translates to about 700 million nighttime snacks per week and annual nighttime snack spending of over $ 50 billion. The most popular choices are ice cream, cookies, chips, and candy. Recent research confirms that these snacks, in addition to being generally unhealthy, can interfere with sleep, in part due to the excess fat and sugar consumed before bed.

Nightfood is the pioneer in the nighttime snack category. Nightfood Ice Cream, the brand’s first consumer product, is specially formulated by sleep and nutrition experts to contain fewer sleep-disrupting ingredients, while emphasizing ingredients and nutrients that, according to research, can promote nighttime relaxation and better quality sleep.

Unlike regular ice cream, Nightfood has been formulated to contain more tryptophan, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, zinc, prebiotic fiber, and casein protein. It also contains less sugar, less fat, and a lower glycemic profile. Due to its great taste and unique nutritional profile, Nightfood has been recognized as the official ice cream of the American Pregnancy Association and is the recommended ice cream for pregnant women.

The brand won the 2019 product of the year award in the ice cream category in a Kantar survey of more than 40,000 consumers. Nightfood was also named Best New Ice Cream at the 2019 World Dairy Innovation Awards.

Nightfood ice cream is available through divisions of Walmart, Albertsons, and HEB, as well as many regional supermarket chains and independent retailers, and select hotels.

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