Google, Apple, other app hosting platforms served notices; Andhra Pradesh Police develop SOP


Lending app cases: Google, Apple, other app hosting platforms served notices; Andhra Pradesh Police develop SOP

Photo: BCCL

Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh Police will book application hosting platforms like Google, Apple and others, internet service providers, application developers and bankers to resolve loan application cases . In addition, the police will also book loan application organizers.

Police have developed a standard operating procedure to deal with cases of harassment related to online loan applications, DGP KV Rajendranath Reddy said on Friday. “From now on, we will arrange for various service providers to be co-accused in such cases. They would all be notified under the relevant sections of the CrPC to share information about fraudulent apps with the police,” he said. declared.

The DGP told ToI that if they failed to comply with the same, they would automatically become co-accused in the crime.

Notices have also been sent to bankers who give accounts to people and businesses without proper verification. “We have sent notices to several bankers to share information about suspicious account holders. In one case, a person from Rajasthan opened a bank account in Nandyal. In another case, accounts of defunct companies were used to channel the money,” the DGP said. .

Bankers should be vigilant of these fraudulent account holders and should share information with the police.

In most cases of loan applications, those running loan applications are in foreign countries like China. However, it is seen that they have apps developed in India through local developers. “While developing the application, the developer must know how it will be used. If used to commit a crime, he is also subject to punishment for designing such applications,” the DGP noted.

DGP Reddy further explained that app hosting platforms should also check what purpose a particular app is used for. If an app is used to commit crimes, the host of the app will also become a defendant. Notices were sent to Google, Apple and other app hosting platforms reporting about 175 loan apps.

Probe Manual

The police have designed an investigation manual to deal with cases of loan application harassment which will be shared with all officers in the unit. He called on people not to download any loan applications and not to provide access to their personal information.

The modus operandi of lending apps is to steal all contact numbers and photos and then extort money from users by turning those photos and threatening to send them to their contacts.

The DGP has asked victims of loan apps to approach the police without any fear, saying they are taking strict action against the organizers of loan apps. So far, 71 people in 75 cases have been arrested.


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