Man who stole gold and silver from private loan company in Pathanapuram turns himself in, arrested


Kollam: The man who stole cash and gold worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from a private loan company here in Pathanapuram has been arrested. Faisal Raj from Pathanapuram was arrested after turning himself in to Pathanamthitta police. The thief was arrested three weeks after the theft.

The thief broke into Pathanapuram bankers located at Janata Junction on May 15. The institution is owned by Ramachandran Nair, a native of Pidavoor. The owner had claimed that Rs 4 lakh and gold worth Rs 38 lakh which were stored in two lockers were stolen.

The thief had littered the premises with hair scraps to fool investigators. Police had also found traces of a poop that may have been in there before the theft. A photo of Lord Deva, a lamp, a trident, liquor and lemon were found inside the building. This was very similar to the practice followed by robbers in Tamil Nadu. Initially, the police launched an investigation based on this lead. But it soon turned out to be a dead end. Police had also opened an investigation based on phone calls made in that area on the day of the theft. This investigation revealed some interesting details.

Police noted the phone call made by a particular man traveling from Pathanapuram to Ernakulam on the day of the robbery. It was soon discovered that he had pawned the gold in a store in Ernakulam. As the search narrowed, police discovered Faisal Raja was behind the theft. When Faisal realized the police were following him, he decided to report to the police station and surrender.


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