New interactive planning tool helps students make decisions about their academic future


A new online planning tool is now available to all Florida students and prospective students to help them find career fields, jobs, salaries, and debt for graduates from Florida’s 12 public universities. This helps families make informed decisions with their students about the post-secondary education options available to them.

Signed by Governor Ron DeSantis and passed by the 2021 Florida Legislature, Bill 1261 directed the State University System’s Board of Governors to develop a free college and career planning tool called MyFloridaFuture. The system provides students, parents, and policy makers with all the information they need about the State University System of Florida’s graduate results information.

MyFloridaFuture enables and encourages students to explore the possibilities their future holds, compare earnings over time for potential careers, and compare what a different degree might mean for that career.

“We are thrilled that the state university system has launched MyFloridaFuture,” said FSU President Richard McCullough. “Our students will benefit from this valuable resource to help them choose a course of study that’s right for them. This online tool aligns well with Florida State University’s mission to ensure the success of all students.

MyFloridaFuture also makes it clear that their services are not only for current students but also for prospective students to enable them to make an informed decision when choosing which public Florida university to attend based on their career path. .

Myrna Hoover, director of the FSU Career Center, expressed her excitement for the new program because of the new opportunities available to students.

“Professionals at the Career Center and universities understand the importance of accessible and reliable workforce and employment data to student success,” Hoover said in an email. “The Florida Board of Governors, in conjunction with the State University System, has created an ecosystem of information and engagement through the new BOG website and each university’s Career Center to help students make career decisions. enlightened.”

The program shows that “a degree from the State University System of Florida is a worthwhile investment,” according to their website, and expresses how important it is to plan college around career paths.

“MyFloridaFuture will educate students about intentional planning for the future,” said Nastassia Janvier, FSU Student Body President and FSA Board Chair. “Students will have the ability to engage with it whenever they want and can use it as a resource to research different career fields. I know this will only contribute to student success for the 12 public universities.

Individual tools offered by MyFloridaFuture include “Earnings Over Time,” where you can compare graduate school earnings for each college program, “Beyond the Bachelor’s degree,” where you can explore the earning potential of pursuing additional education , “Typical Loan Amounts,” where you can compare student loan debt, “Compare Earnings,” which is based on institution, degree, and cohort year, “Earnings by Major,” where you You can compare earnings by major, degree, and cohort year and “Ready Over Time.” where you can see the expected monthly student loan amounts.

“I think it will really help with choosing a career path,” said Bella Coleman, a freshman at FSU. “I feel like, while helpful, it puts more emphasis on finding financial stability than on passion.”

MyFloridaFuture is available now and will be accessible to all students by visiting the MyFloridaFuture website.


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