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Pebble Hill Plantation in Thomasville announces the next program, “The Geology of Sinks at Warbick Farms”, on Saturday, October 30 at 10 am. The program is presented by Clint Kromhout, a licensed professional geologist from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Florida Geological Survey.

Kromhout’s program will begin at the Pebble Hill Learning Center where he will discuss the fascinating geology of sinkhole formation in the local area. Attendees will join him on a guided field tour to explore the natural sinkholes of nearby Warbick Farms.

The word chasm often evokes a certain discomfort with the ground on which one stands. On rare occasions sinkholes can be dangerous, but they can also be beautiful and fascinating. This presentation will inform you about: the geology and karst topography of the region, how water plays an important role, the different types of sinkholes, where and how they form, will show you the damage they can do, what can trigger their formation, what signs to look for, and what you can do if this happens on your property.

Kromhout holds a bachelor’s degree in geology and is in the process of completing a master’s degree in geology from Florida State University. He has worked for the Florida Geological Survey for over 20 years and oversees its Applied Geoscience Services section. He specializes in sinkhole and karst studies and is Florida’s primary contact for sinkhole emergencies. He is also the permanent editor of the semi-annual proceedings of the International Multidisciplinary Conference on Sinks and Impacts on Karst Engineering and the Environment.

Tickets cost $ 20 per adult and $ 10 per child (18 and under). Places are limited and prior registration is required before Friday, October 29, 2021. Visit save.

Additional security measures will be in place for the protection of guests, speaker and staff. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes, bring water, bug spray and binoculars (Pebble Hill will have a limited number available for loan). Participants are encouraged to bring a picnic and enjoy the Pebble Hill grounds after the field trip.

Pebble Hill Plantation is a historic home with a history dating back to the early 1800s. The plantation was established by one of the founders of Thomas County, Thomas Jefferson Johnson. At the turn of the 20th century, the Hanna family of Cleveland, Ohio bought the property and appreciated it as a winter home and sporting ground. Pebble Hill has been open for tours since October 1983 thanks to the generosity of its last owner, Elisabeth “Pansy” Ireland Poe, who requested that his property be open to the public.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Pebble Hill offers visitors the chance to learn about the rich history of this historic site and the people who once lived and worked there.

For more information visit the Pebble Hill website, call 229-226-2344, or visit us on Facebook and Instagram using @pebblehillplantation.

The event at a glance

Date: Saturday, October 30, 2021

Time: 10 am-12pm

Location: Pebble Hill Plantation Learning Center and Warbick Farms

Fee: $ 20 / adult

$ 10 / child (18 and under)

Registration deadline: Friday, October 29, 2021


Prior registration is compulsory. Space is limited.

For more information visit: or call 229-226-2344.

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