Temple View Capital Partners with Geraci LLP to Provide Dynamic Lending Document Solution to Lending Partners


Temple View’s partnership with Lightning Docs ™ will give their loan originators access to the private lending industry’s gold standard for loan documents.

Capital with a view of the temple (“TVC”) and Geraci LLP have partnered through Geraci LLP’s Lightning Docs ™ platform to deliver instant, cloud-based loan documents to all Temple View Capital loan originators.

Lightning Docs ™ is instant loan document software that allows loan originators to prepare attorney-quality loan documents with one click. Documents are easily customizable, easily accessible after use, and available in all 50 states. These features make the software the ideal solution for TVC’s needs.

Nema Daghbandan, Esq., Partner at Geraci LLP, expressed her enthusiasm for starting this new partnership. “Geraci LLP is honored that Temple View has chosen Lightning Docs ™ for its correspondent loan,” he said. “Temple View’s partnership with Lightning Docs ™ will give their loan originators access to the industry’s benchmark standard for private lending for loan documents.”

“Temple View and its strong management team remain at the forefront of technology and at the forefront of streamlining the user experience for its partners,” Daghbandan continued. “Lightning Docs ™ will provide instant online loan documents to Temple View loan partners across the country. “

“We are excited to add Lightning Docs ™ to our loan documentation process because we know it will make it easier than ever to work with us for our correspondents and brokers,” said Michael Niccolini, Co-Founder and Partner of Temple View. . “We have worked hard in 2020 to expand our lending capacity and our technology to deliver even more value to this channel as we continue to grow in 2021.”

About Temple View Capital

Temple View Capital is a national private portfolio lender that provides flexible financing to residential real estate investors. Founded by entrepreneurs with over 20 years of residential mortgage and real estate investment experience, Temple View has been at the forefront of innovative product development since its inception in 2007. Using a sensible underwriting approach , a deep commitment to customer service and a strong capitalized balance sheet, Temple View enables real estate investors, correspondent lenders and brokers nationwide to optimize the financing efficiency of real estate investment projects and rental properties. TVC is headquartered in Bethesda, MD, with regional offices in Centennial, CO and Pasadena, CA. For more information on Temple View Capital, visit: https://www.templeviewcap.com/

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About Geraci LLP

Geraci LLP is the nation’s largest law firm dedicated almost exclusively to the private / unconventional lending space and is the leading legal resource for specialist lenders, asset lenders, private lenders and non-bank institutions. Our legal services include banking and financial services, corporate and securities, as well as litigation and bankruptcy, while our Geracicon conference line provides networking and training opportunities to the industry as a whole. For more information on Geraci LLP, visit: https://geracillp.com

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