Top 3 Lending, FinTech & Finance Industry Drivers & Players for 2022


Here are 3 leaders currently leading the way and changing the game in the lending and finance industry

After scouring the latest and greatest, we’ve found this year’s top talent in lending, fintech, and fintech. These companies have reached incredible milestones, creating outstanding results, developing breakthrough strategies, and helping customers get what they need. Here are the top three players in the country, the leaders who have grown the businesses, and some insight into how they’re helping customers in 2022 and beyond.

#3 Substitute your university –

The third mover and shaker on this list is a stranger and their goal is not to lend, but to save their clients a minimum of $100,000 or more on their mortgage. What’s crazier is that they help people pay off their home in 5-7 years (on average). You’re probably about to say “It sounds too good to be true”, and you wouldn’t be the only one. They say this is the biggest hurdle they face, but every leader has personally used the strategy and benefited from it!

Replace Your University began in 2014 when Michael Lush used an ingenious strategy to speed up his mortgage payoff in 3.5 years, eventually sharing the strategy with others by publishing a book called “Replace Your Mortgage”. Since then, Replace Your Mortgage has grown exponentially in large part due to the incredible success customers consistently achieve.

This year, they’re on track to grow 500% and help customers save over $15 million in unnecessary interest payments on their homes.

#2 Braviant Holdings –

Braviant Holdings operates a digital lending platform that combines powerful technology with machine learning to provide customers with better credit opportunities. The company’s platform is built on providing manageable loans to help people take control of their personal finances regardless of credit score and uses proprietary decision models to assess true ability and willingness to repay of a person, resulting in a 33% reduction in the average cost of credit. .

Stephanie Klein, CEO of Braviant Holdings, said, “Non-bank lenders like Braviant are able to leverage all of our historical data as state-licensed lenders to create proprietary decision models that consistently outperform standard data. like a traditional FICO or Vantage. score.”

They’ve been on the INC 5000 list for the past 2 years, and we see no reason for them to slow down.

Rocket mortgage #1:

The largest lending company, Rocket Mortgage (formerly Quicken Loans), has been on a roll over the past decade. It is clearly a dominant lender in a highly competitive field.

The Detroit-based platform company made up of personal finance and consumer technology brands, including Rocket Mortgage (as well as many other brands under their umbrella). Since 1985, Rocket Companies has been obsessed with helping clients achieve the American dream of home ownership and financial freedom. Rocket Companies deliver industry-leading customer experiences through our simple, fast, and reliable digital solutions. With approximately 26,000 team members across the United States and Canada. Rocket Companies ranked #5 on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list in 2021 and has ranked in the top third of the list for 18 consecutive years.

Taking over 5.7% of the total loan market, this giant is not expected to slow down any time soon.

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