Tuesday Freedom Kicks: DC United announces Capital Cup schedule, Euro 2020 goes crazy



It’s Tuesday, it’s too hot, DC United have a new friendly tournament and their first transfer rumor of the summer, and the Washington Spirit have star players appearing on podcasts.

Let’s start here: if you can afford it, consider putting some money in GoFundMe to help Marco, the son of Robert “Big Rob” Gillespie.

Audi Field Announces Addition of Liga Deportiva Alajuelense to Inaugural Capital Cup Along with Tournament Schedule | DCUnited.com
The Capital Cup is next week, and we have a schedule:

  • Wednesday July 7: Alianza FC vs Club Puebla (5.30 p.m.), DC United vs LD Alajuelense (8.30 p.m.)
  • Sunday July 11: DC United vs Club Puebla (5.30 p.m.), LD Alajuelense vs Alianza FC (8.30 p.m.)
  • Wednesday July 14: Club Puebla vs LD Alajuelense (5.30 p.m.), DC United vs Alianza FC (8.30 p.m.)

So I guess I’ll be at Audi Field three more times than expected.

Four things about DC United’s punch from loss to NYCFC | Black and red united
Five things about the Washington Spirit’s last game against Kansas City NWSL | Black and red united
We wrote a whole bunch of articles on two games that basically had a lot of similarities. Also, just something I learned on Sunday night: if you do two games in a row that include two-goal returns so late in both games, it means you can’t really think until you get a full night’s sleep!

DC United observará de cerca a Jurgens Montenegro | ElMundo.cr
I saw two spellings for Jurgens / Jurguens Montenegro, a 20-year-old striker who just got his first cap for the Costa Rica national team in their Nations League loss to Mexico. He scored 13 goals in Costa Rica’s last league season with LDA.

Recall that for United to sign an international striker they would potentially run up against the two restrictions on places on the international roster (all six are taken unless Kimarni Smith’s recent loan to Loudoun continues for a while, plus Erik Sorga on the IR, plus Jovanny Bolivar on loan) and issues with the fact that they have 31 players and 30 places on the roster. Obviously, that didn’t stop them from making the moves that maximized all of those points, so don’t let the limits make you think they’re just going to hold on.

The scrambled egg capsule ft. Emily Sonnett | Just female sport
The Sam Mewis / Lynn Williams Snacks podcast is pretty fun, and this latest episode has Emily Sonnett from the Washington Spirit.

Stay with woso:

There are a lot of things in what Angel City FC do, and they are going to revolutionize the NWSL. Doing an NFT is not one of those things!

At the Plex in a few weeks, the NISA fall season kicks off with the Maryland Bobcats on the road for most of August before hosting their next home game on August 28.

MLS Investigating Alleged Racial Insult Used in Timbers-MNUFC Game | Footy Stumptown
American football, like so many aspects of American life, continues to have a problem with racism. Diego Chara of the Portland Timbers has said a racial insult was directed at him at one point during Portland’s game against Minnesota United. MLS has confirmed an investigation.

Out of sight, out of mind: Toronto FC finds itself on a slippery slope | Wake up red
Toronto FC are going through the double whammy of a temporary relocation that takes them away from their fans, and are also very bad at trying to emphasize an approach that everyone knew they wouldn’t succeed. The result: Fan apathy is in a place it hasn’t been in a long, long time.

Croatia 3-5 Spain | BBC
Spain gave up one of the weirder goals (the one that reminded me of that piece of DCU history) you’re going to see, came back to go up 3-1, gave up two goals after the 85th minute to end up in overtime, then scored twice to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Euro. It was crazy.

Sommer of Switzerland saves Mbappé’s penalty to bring down France | The Guardian
Switzerland took the lead, then received a penalty kick from Hugo Lloris, then saw France score several goals en route to a 3-1 lead, then scored in the 81st and 90th minutes to force the overtime … but only after surviving Kingsley Coman hitting the bar. The match went to penalties, where only Kylian Mbappé (with the final shot) was refused. It was crazy.

Before I close, I just wanted to note that I joked online about the return of Viennetta, the world’s fanciest dessert that you can find in a box at the grocery store that probably only costs $ 5, but that , child I was very was of course too expensive for my working class home.

Well, I found a counterfeit version at a grocery store chain known to make its version of many desserts and snacks, and bought it. It was good.

And on that note, enjoy your very humid and 90 degree Tuesday!



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